Sara Skaaning i a Danish visual artist living in the countryside on the Island Møn with her husband and children. Here she has her studio which is the base for her practice.

As well as working on her own projects, she occasionally works collectively with other artists in larger site-specific projects.


Her choise of materials and form of expression is largely dependent on the particular ideas she explores at a given time. It has included printmaking, photography, sculptural objects, installation and video. Lately the focus has been on printmaking, especially photogravure, produced in the Printmaking Studio for artist in Grafisk Værksted/Næstved where she also is a member of the board of directors.


The starting point of her work is her immediate surroundings and personal experiences. Selected images, objects or scenes is exposed to simple actions, that transforms and twists the original form, character and expected way of use. Her focus is on the process. The change and transition from one state to another, where the outcome isn't or can't be predetermined. Curiosity for what emerges when you do something unexpected to things, is the drive of Sara Skaanings artwork.

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